Freight Cost control: Cost-To-Serve

June 8, 2015 Ken Klaver

This paper examines the challenges that companies are facing and the capabilities they have in place to tie logistics costs with inbound-to-outbound events, a critical need to effectively segment their costs by product/customer for accurate ROI intelligence, across a multi-channel customer environment.

View the graphic below to discover what Best-in-Class companies do with regards to Cost-To-Serve.

Read the full report from the Aberdeen Group  HERE.

For many large corporations it is a challenge to efficiently marry transport data from different sources into one single data repository for harmonized reporting purposes. ControlPay is an expert at creating unified data from different sources that fulfill your big data needs.

ControlPay has recognized this in an early stage and has developed its platform with full visibility and transparency on any item that is processed and handled on our platform. The business intelligence suite that ControlPay offers is fully integrated with the Audit Platform and has unrivaled capabilities with regards to data extraction and data presentation.

We understand the needs of today’s Logistics and Finance Managers and have built standard reports that accommodate crucial needs around reporting such as raw data reports and accruals. Also shipment analysis data, KPI reports, overbilling reports and freight spend dashboards belong to the standard reporting set-up.

As every large company has its specific needs around data we are able to flexibly facilitate specific reporting requirement on our platform and provide output in customized reports in many different formats such as different charts excel, pdf. Moreover, these reports can be scheduled and automatically be sent to you on a weekly basis.

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