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April 22, 2015 Ken Klaver

ControlPay. freight audit

Freight Audit platform

We have always had an international focus being based in Europe and took the collaborative nature of international processing to our platform. This means that our platform has a very high degree of visibility for both shipper and carrier. Also the lack of standardization in transportation regarding rates, business rules, ways of calculation have been taken into account when we set up our system. That is why we are very flexible in handling many different rate structures, different rules and calculation methods.

We have built our own Freight Audit platform and as a matter of fact we are still building it. We have a team of almost 20 IT professionals who are developing new features and functionalities on an on-going basis. Monthly we have a new release of our system. Our platform is built in Java and fully web based. It is also the most advanced audit platform available in the market today and has a very user-friendly interface with a transparent structure. This platform is seamlessly interconnected with a Business Intelligence platform.

Below the infographic are more specific explanations of several tools of the freight audit platform.

ControlPay. freight audit

ControlPay. freight audit


ControlBilling is our most efficient process. This is a form of self-billing and it is based upon the shipment order data that we receive out of an ERP or TMS system. This data is rated against the rates and business rules that we have in our system and is the basis for the weekly billing instruction that we will send out to the carriers. The carriers then have the option to create an invoice on our platform or send in an invoice via regular means. The carrier also has the option to declare any extra or unforeseen costs that he may have via our extra costs tool. This way the process is light for both the customer and the carrier.

All the costs are taken into account during calculation: standard freight, accessorials and fuel surcharge.
The carrier receives a billing instruction in which the VAT amount has been taken into account. Also the cost allocation is automatically being added if needed and the right invoice entity is indicated.


With the Pre-audit process we receive the ERP or TMS shipping data as well but it is not a prerequisite for this process. From the carriers we receive a pre-invoice file electronically. This can be done in many ways( download from the carrier system or via an interface in different formats such as excel, xml, EDIFACT), whatever is most (cost) efficient. The rating and matching process is the basis for the billing instruction we would send out to the carriers. The carriers then have the option to create an invoice on our platform or send in an invoice via regular means. The carrier also has the option to declare any extra or unforeseen costs that he may have via our extra costs tool.

Parcel rate check

Based on the data provided by the parcel carrier we rate the shipments against the rates and contracts and the received order data if available. The result will be sent to the carrier either by the customer or ControlPay in order to give the carrier an opportunity to explain his calculation. After that analysis a credit note will be requested from the carrier and further processed. ControlPay can also be requested to handle the recovery directly from the carriers.


ControlPay is at the forefront of changing how carriers are nowadays billing their customers. With our unique solutions we eliminate paper where legally possible, speed up the billing process and automate many manual handling points in the audit, coding and payment process.


Based on the billing instruction that is generated out of the matching process, the carrier is able to easily create his own invoice online. By clicking a link in his e-mail he will automatically be directed to the billing instruction where the carrier only has to fill in his invoice number and invoice data. The invoice is then automatically created, electronically stamped and sent off for payment without any further manual interference. The invoice is always in the same format and always correct.


Is your order data in shape and you provide us with the data via an interface? We like it to be the basis for our most efficient process that creates credit notes that are automatically being sent to the carriers on a weekly basis. No data interchange with carriers needed, no paper invoices, just 1 credit note per week per carrier based on the data coming out of your ERP or TMS system. ControlPay does the price calculation and the automated cost allocation and feeds it back into your financial system so there is a minimum of work on all sides.

ControlPay has the most advanced technology in the industry: new updates are available every month. Click here to enter the Services page of ControlPay.



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