Warehousing Technology Trends for 2016

January 11, 2016 Ken Klaver

Warehouse management and technological improvement are inseparable nowadays. This article of ITToolbox.com  displays 4 leading technology trends for improving your network performance.

 the trends below are not new or unheard of, but are in fact gaining in popularity, while some are even becoming ‘must-have's.

 1.    EDI

EDI Communication is not going anywhere. In fact, quite the opposite. Many companies are being forced to use EDI in order to do business with retailers and suppliers. The more the years go by, the harder it will be for companies to exist without any formal processes like EDI. It’s not only about staying compliant with your vendors; EDI can do wonders for companies by:

-       improving shipment accuracy

-       accelerating the movement of goods to customers

-       improving partner relationships

-       improving cycle time reductions

-       improving document accuracy (reduction of manual data entry)

-       enhancing flow of communication between a company and their trading partners

2.    Collaboration

Every company nowadays is on the lookout for ways to increase collaboration internally (between departments/employees). One great way to do this is by embracing full integration of all management systems (or simply implement an upgraded ERP management suite). All departments and employees will have access to one database; they’ll be working with the same real-time data and can communicate and collaborate easily.

3.    Cloud

Cloud deployment options have allowed smaller companies the opportunity to implement management systems due to their affordable costs. However, this isn’t the only reason why the cloud is popular. This option also allows businesses to reduce responsibilities, risks, infrastructure requirements, additional labor, etc. 

4.    Business Intelligence

No one can get enough of Business Intelligence solutions. These analytics tools allow managers to turn raw business data into useful, strategic information and insight. Companies will be able to improve planning and replenishment, optimize inventory and floor space utilization. It’s about getting the right data in front of the right people to create balanced supply chains. 


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