11 ways to gain global Transport Cost Control

August 17, 2015 Pieter Kinds

Even though most organizations have transportation systems and data that are unrelated to some degree, companies do recognize that logistics costs can, in fact, be better controlled.

Submitting to load consolidation practices, for example, and automating processes, knowing the best shipping routes, and negotiating better contracts with carriers are all necessary approaches to containing rising logistics costs. The graphic below shows the findings based on information collected among 204 top logistics and supply chain managers, conducted by Peerless Research Group on behalf of Mercury Gate International, Inc. This study was executed in March of 2015.


Not coincidentally, shippers are most concerned about areas that closely align with those procedures that are in greatest need of improvement. Data management, capacity and carrier availability, cost analysis and shipment tracking, and carrier accountability are the characteristics that shippers are most interested in fortifying.
Characteristics considered important to logistics organizations / Freight Invoice auditing considered most important to logistics organizations.


About ControlPay - The global Freight Audit company

ControlPay is the leading Freight Audit Service Provider in Europe, working globally for many well-known multi-nationals.
We save large, multinational organization costs on labour and on average 3% on the actual freight costs.

We do not only audit the invoices from your logistic service providers, but also enhances the business processes around freight costs settling. From contract implementation to cost calculation, issue resolution, invoice reception, registration, audit, automatic cost allocation and automatic posting of the invoice, ControlPay serves the full trail from Transport Order Booking to Final Payment.

Our online platform gives you 24/7 insight in your accruals, status of the transport and status of the invoice or payment. We support efficient processes like SelfBilling and take away all the hassle and labour you have around invoice audit. Next to that, we offer value added services like a Transport Order Booking tool, Bidding Tool, Early Payment Services and an (E-)Invoice Creation Tool for suppliers.

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