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  • Shining New Light On Dock Operations

    With better visibility into loading dock activity, companies can bring significant improvements to their warehouse operations.

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  • Five Reasons Why the Delivery Economy Is Here… Now

    project44 recently surveyed 750 consumers and 500 marketing executives to better understand where brands and consumers are aligned (and misaligned) on what makes a great delivery experience. The...

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  • FedEx Disputes New York Times Report on Company Investments

    FedEx’s founder and CEO, Fred Smith, responded to the New York Times after it published a critical article contending FedEx didn’t make enough promised capital investments after Congress passed a...

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  • Three Ways 5G Will Benefit the Logistics Industry

    5G will affect many industries, but the sector that stands to benefit most is the logistics industry. The logistics and supply chain industry will be able to provide continuous coverage for...

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  • Hampton Wall Named Chief Executive Officer of Trax Group

    Trax Group, a leader in cloud-based transportation spend management solutions, announces a new Chief Executive Officer has joined their company.

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  • IN BRIEF: New Services & Solutions

    The latest supply chain services and solutions

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  • Sites of the Stars

    Sites of the Stars

    These logistics sites reach for the stars and deliver stellar performance.

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  • GOOD QUESTION | What's the 2020 supply chain buzzword or phrase?

    Readers reveal the words and phrases that will have supply chain managers talking in 2020.

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  • Breaking News - Walmart Canada and DLT Labs™ launch world's largest full production blockchain solution for industrial application

    Walmart Canada and DLT Labs™ today announce the launch of Walmart Canada's blockchain-based freight and payment network, the world's largest full production blockchain solution for any industrial...

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  • Noted: The Supply Chain in Brief

    A quick rundown of notable events, from sealed deals to green initiatives, in the supply chain

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  • Halloween: A Scary Supply Chain

    Halloween: A Scary Supply Chain

    A look back at the scary supply chain that was Halloween 2019.

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  • A Greener Supply Chain

    Companies looking to make a profound change in their supply chain carbon footprint must make the commitment a top-down directive that encourages the entire enterprise to ask probing questions and...

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  • 19 Intermodal Tips for Success

    19 Intermodal Tips for Success

    This story offers strategies for making intermodal transportation efficient and cost-effective.

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  • Unpacking the Biggest Threat to a Multi-Trillion Dollar Industry

    To survive in the modern business landscape, the logistics industry must embrace what Amazon has mastered: transparency. Price discrimination and power dynamics have historically made...

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  • VERTICAL FOCUS | Furniture

    VERTICAL FOCUS | Furniture

    What is the outlook for the U.S. furniture market moving forward? Here's what to expect.

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  • Tackling E-Commerce Shipping

    E-commerce is quickly becoming a part of our everyday lives – putting pressure on retailers. Here are tips to help e-commerce shippers keep costs down and customers happy.

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  • Inside Innovation

    Inside Innovation

    What are the top supply chain differentiators and innovation drivers? According to the findings of BluJay Solutions' Focus on Customer Experience: Research on Supply Chain Priorities and...

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  • Barriers to Scalable IIoT Execution

    By providing visibility into the assets and processes that historically had no data feedback loop, the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) has allowed manufacturing organizations to leverage...

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  • Take the Current When It Serves

    Supply chain managers face known and unknown challenges—with a certainty that they can and will succeed no matter the impediments.

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  • Calm Before the Storm

    Calm Before the Storm

    In the downtime between storms, companies can take crucial steps to help prevent supply chain disruption.

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