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  • CRM System Brings Ease of Use and Multimodal Benefits

    DLS Worldwide’s CRM System provides customers with a simple interface in which shippers can find multimodal quoting, booking and reporting, shipment tracking, and invoice management with online...

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  • Soy to the World

    The longer the trade tensions between the United States and other countries persist, the more the U.S. agricultural industry needs to rally around containerized soybean shipping to overseas markets.

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  • IT Gap? 3PLs Close the Loop

    IT Gap? 3PLs Close the Loop

    Today, many 3PLs provide the technology solutions and expertise shippers need to manage increasingly complicated customer relationships.

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  • Bridal Wear Supply Chain

    Bridal Wear Supply Chain

    A harmonious marriage of brick-and-mortar services and online offerings is the path to fulfillment in the bridal wear supply chain.

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  • The Logistics Last Mile: How Sellers Can Make it a Strength and not a Setback

    The last mile is often the most challenging, costly, and technologically deficient portion of the delivery process. But as more and more consumers use e-commerce to order and ship everything from...

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  • How to Leverage a 3PL's Expertise with Packaged Applications

    Knowing how to quickly set up and configure supply chain technology so the solutions work for individual customers is the key to getting the most flexible and powerful performance from industry...

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  • 2019 Top 100 Logistics IT Providers

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  • Integrating Multiple Data Sources in a TMS

    How to overcome the challenge of data management—integrating multiple data sources in a transportation management system (TMS)

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  • 2019 Logistics IT Market Research Survey

    Inbound Logistics' annual survey highlights key trends in the supply chain technology market and shines a light on the brightest and most innovative providers.

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  • IN BRIEF: New Services & Solutions

    New supply chain services and solutions

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  • Can You See Me Now?

    Can You See Me Now?

    New tools like blockchain and IoT, as well as advances in existing tools such as RFID, are helping companies gain greater visibility to their supply chains.

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  • Noted: The Supply Chain in Brief

    New and noteworthy in the supply chain

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  • Choose Your Own E-Venture

    Choose Your Own E-Venture

    As the demand for faster shipping and better e-commerce availability increases, retailers will need to adopt new order fulfillment and shipping strategies to stay in prime shape.

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  • On-Demand, One Package at a Time

    On-Demand, One Package at a Time

    Profile of Victor Finnegan, president and CEO, American Expediting

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  • Leading a Supply Chain With Dogged Determination

    Leading a Supply Chain With Dogged Determination

    A profile of Matt Cantatore, COO of Ollie, a national service that delivers healthy, high-quality pet food that it sells direct-to-consumers.

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  • Advanced Optimization Techniques For Enhanced Solutions

    Advanced Optimization Techniques For Enhanced Solutions

    A leading retailer engaged Hub Group to develop an optimized solution that maximized the limited capacity in markets throughout its supply chain.

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  • Alaska: The Last Frontier

    Alaska: The Last Frontier

    Successfully tapping into Alaska’s growth depends on the perseverance, innovation, efficiency, and resources of logistics providers whose experience has withstood the test of time and travel in...

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  • 5 Insights to Industry 4.0

    5 Insights to Industry 4.0

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  • The World Wide Web Turns 30: Can the Supply Chain Emulate its Technological Feat?

    This year, the World Wide Web celebrated its 30th birthday. In honor of the milestone, we take a look at some of the most fascinating parallels between what launched the Internet’s success and...

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  • Securing Truckload Capacity

    Practical steps that shippers can take to improve their success in securing capacity.

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