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November 10, 2016 Vita Iakhvan

Ukraine - a young country that is rapidly growing and developing, absorbing only the very best of global practices. Social responsibility is one of these practices and ControlPay is trying to do its part.

Our latest project!

Several visits to Ukrainian cities, dozens of meetings, and many hard-working hours later we are live! ControlPay global Freight Audit & Payment has  implemented the first of many cities in Ukraine for a brand-new social project , namely a monthly payment of scholarships to children for big achievements in science and sports!

Irpen was the first city off which ControlPay decided to start the social and motivational project "Future intellectual, cultural, scientific and sports elite of Ukraine". 

The city of Irpin  has a strong  desire to grow and develop, and that is exactly the right kind of motivation that we as a global company are looking for. Besides that, the local government has given the full support to the project since the initial phase.

This project involves the following aspects:

from September to May (academic school year), outstanding athletes and socially active children ( students of 7-11 grades) will receive a monthly scholarship by bank transfer to their personal card (one of Ukraine's national banks has provided the possibility for pupils to register their personal card). This is a very open  and transparent process, and any report can be obtained on request by contacting our manager

Today the number of such scholarship holders has already reached the astonishing number of 168 students. Scholarship holders are approved for 1 semester, and every 14 weeks they will be reviewed.

By the next semester, we expect an increase in scholarship holders and moreover, territorial expansion! We plan to reach 1-7 classes and other regions of the capital of Ukraine, Kyiv. Next year, ControlPay is looking to expand this project, which is part of our social responsibility program, the to other regions of Ukraine.

The next children to join this project will be students of Trebuhivska school, Kyiv region. Off course, we keep you posted about all the developments!

About the Author

Vita Iakhvan

Vita is active as ControlPay's global CSR manager. Based in Ukraine, Vita is responsible for defining and developing CP's global CSR strategies and objectives.

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