ControlPay Training University program to the next level!

October 25, 2017

Following our good tradition of awarding the best employees, ControlPay conducted the next developmental and motivational 'Training University program'  on the 19-20th of October, nearby Lviv.

Interesting and dynamic business games allowed our employees to be involved directly in practice instead of just hearing or reading theory and created a special atmosphere during this event. 

With the corresponding set up, business games proved to be a valuable, enjoyable and a practical teaching-learning tool that combined both the natural predisposition of the participants with planned and directed skills acquirement. Under a suitable learning condition together with an appropriate structure and dynamic of games, trainees practiced such skills as presentation and self-presentation, conflict-management, negotiations, time-management, teamwork, verbal and non-verbal ways of communication.

The main advantage of such format is that it provides hands-on experience in business-related practices and problem solving from the real world. Participants were given business scenarios and tried to solve various problems according to them. Due to the fact that guys had got to face challenges from the “gaming” world, they acquired a better understanding of real job situations. As business cases involved constant interacting with group members and solving problems using suitable strategies, employees’ leadership skills also were improved.

During the two days of training, everybody got incentives, memorable certificates and unique experience that can be used in the daily work. To be continued!


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