Freight Auditing: 5 articles to unlock true value

October 12, 2016 Ken Klaver

Freight Audit and Payment is slowly crawling out of the shadows and into the light of many companies worldwide. Here are five Freight Auditing reads to become more strategic in a service that is becoming a commodity in the global Transportation environment.

1. What Should You Look For In Freight Auditing and Payment Software?

Great article by Garry Oswald, VP of Sales and Marketing, National Traffic Service. This is a great starting point for less experienced logistics professionals searching for freight auditing solutions. Garry takes you along the history of the business, explains the Freight Auditing and Payment Services available in today's market and is not shy leaving some great tips and tricks behind that will surely help you on your way. Highly recommended!  

2. Freight audit and payment strategy for global companies (2-Pager)

Technically maybe not an article, but the importance is all about the insights! In this 2-pager, an often forgotten topic in freight payment is being reviewed: Is having one global freight audit provider always the best solution? Great piece of information for global companies looking to revise their current systems / suppliers or looking to implement a new global freight audit & pay strategy. Note: Don't forget to check out the pros and cons!

3. Making payment less painful

A must read for Logistics and Procurement pro's active in the Automotive Industry. Andrew Williams, editor of Automotive Logistics, delivers a very nice piece of work about the 'hidden' benefits that a Freight Audit and Pay system can generate. Data visibility, Logistics control and transparency are passing by, but make sure you don't miss out on the 'Regional differences' part, which highlights some of the most important needs for logistics to support automotive companies with network changes, rate and contract optimisation and overall simplification of the logistics set-up. A must read, also thanks to the input of some of the industry leaders in the article. 

Making payment less painful

4. Exploring the Value Levers of Freight Audit (Video)

Freight Audit may not be the sexiest aspect of transportation management, but it absolutely plays a vital role in n helping companies effectively manage and control their transportation spend. In this video interview by Talking Logistics, Adrian Gonzales takes a look behind the value levers of freight auditing and how to leverage them effectively to ensure you get the full benefits. 

5. The 10 best practices in Freight Audit

Straight from the pen of our own Global Business Development Manager, the 10 best Freight Audit practices for Transportation and Finance professionals of 2016. Pieter Kinds (41) has over 13 years experience in the Transportation Industry, with a very strong focus on freight auditing and payment. 

In this article, he shares his tips, tricks and some very useful insights on how to Automate your cost allocation, Standardize your rates and to get rid of your paper invoice flows!

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For more information about Freight Audit & Payment, please visit our corporate blog or visit our freight audit page on our hub. 

For some instant insights, we have gathered some of out best 2016 freight bill auditing content! 

The value of Freight AuditingStrategic Freight Audit InfographicSwiss Army Knife of Freight Audit

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