E-commerce in Europe: Parcel delivery Prices

August 4, 2016 Pieter Kinds

The expansion of e-commerce in Europe represents a substantial growth opportunity for Retailers and manufacturers. But what are the effects of the rapid E-Commerce expansions for cross-border parcel delivery?

The European Commission has rightly noted the importance of reducing the price paid for basic cross-border parcel delivery by consumers and retailers / manufacturers.

In the report E-Commerce in Europe: Parcel Delivery Prices in a Digital Single Market,  the importance of reducing the price paid for basic cross-border parcel delivery investigated.

The research was conducted in may 2016,realised by Bruegel, a non-doctrinal think tank devoted to policy research on international economic issues, based in Brussels. 


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Pieter Kinds

Pieter Kinds (41) is Director at ControlPay, a global Freight Audit provider and the CEO of TenderTool, a cloud-based logistics sourcing platform. Active for over 14 years, Pieter is eager to share insights, thoughts and experiences via his blogs.

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