Europe and the Future of Logistics

August 20, 2015 Ken Klaver

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In this post we like to share an even wonderful as informative infographic made by Snap Parcel. It shows the future of European Logistics based on statistics, like total transported goods and number of people that are employed in the European sector. It also states the Top 5 European Logistics Countries ranked at quality of transport, timeliness of shipments, with an additional part with facts about European manufacturing. 

Furthermore, it treats the recent German expansion and it contains very interesting facts regarding the logistics outsourcing trend. Following trends in IT and HR, major companies in Europe are currently looking to outsource (specific parts of)  logistics to cut costs.

“Manufacturing companies in Europe are expanding their production capacities and operations. The expansion activities of these companies increase their logistics needs in terms of transporting raw materials to factories and finished goods to retailers and distributors,” says Faisal Ghaus, Vice President of TechNavio Research (an independent tech-focused global research firm). Given the benefits of outsourcing in terms of increased operational efficiency and cost savings, shippers are increasingly outsourcing logistics." 

Key Takeaways from the infographic:

  • More companies are outsourcing logistics activities
  • Increase in demand for logistics companies with knowledge and experience particular sectors
  • Increased manufacturing and spending in Eastern Europe and Germany
  • Major challenges ahead for road freight
  • Consumer spending expected to increase between now and 2020

The Future of European Logistics

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ControlPay is the leading Freight Audit Service Provider in Europe, working globally for many well-known multi-nationals. Our focus is aimed at serving our clients in Europe and to support their needs globally while increasing our  value-added  service portfolio as we see there is a strong need for additional services. Examples of our innovative approach are our transport order platform and the supply chain finance services we will offer.

ControlPay saves your organization costs on labour and on average 3% on the actual freight costs. 
ControlPay does not only audit the invoices from your logistic service providers but also enhances the business processes around freight spend settling. From contract implementation to cost calculation, issue resolution, invoice reception, registration, audit, automatic cost allocation and automatic posting of the invoice, ControlPay serves the full trail from Transport Order Booking to Final Payment

Our online platform gives you 24/7 insight in your accruals, status of the transport and status of the invoice or payment. We support efficient processes like SelfBilling and take away all the hassle and labour you have around invoice audit. Next to that, we offer value added services like a Transport Order Booking tool, Bidding Tool, Early Payment Services and an (E-)Invoice Creation Tool for suppliers.

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