Freight Audit: 6 must-have values [infographic]

October 25, 2016 Ken Klaver

In this 2 minute blog, we are asking your attention for 6 critical freight audit values that your (global) provider should deliver.

Yes, that's right. Your time is valuable and that is why we are not going to bother you with 1000+ words blog or E-book. Today is all about the value that an outsourced freight audit and payment solution could, and should offer. Let's take a look. 

In case you would like more information about the six highlighted freight auditing values, then please read on. In case you want to discover the ideal road to FAP value, then scroll to the bottem of the page.

1. Cost to serve visibility

Read more about the Cost to Serve process set up in combination with the Invoice Audit process. 

2. Recover all of your costs related to urgent, spot, extra shipments

ControlPay Spot Shipment Solution

3. Save costs by applying correct consolidation rules

In order to get this right, I recommend you take a small sidestep to the LinkedIn-page of our Global Business development Director Pieter Kinds. He is over 13 years active in the Freight Audit & Pay industry and wrote an excellent article on this last year. Use the link in the title above here. 

4. Save costs thanks to e-billing and smart carrier invoice creation

Learn more about ControlPay's unique extra Transportation Management functions. Let's make your life easy!

5.Full process and costs visibility

Many companies are looking for data and have trouble to pull it from different systems and different parts of the organization or even harmonize the data structure. The Freight Audit process offers unique data input for deep analysis of transport data

  • Use perfect freight data for your tenders and carrier negotiations

ControlPay Business Intelligence 

6. Use perfect freight data for your tenders and carrier negotiations

Nowadays, more important than anything, is having the right transportation tendering solution. You have the right data, coming from your Freight Audit Provider, and now it is of great importance to apply your clinical logistics data to the right tool.

TenderTool advanced logistics sourcing


To discover how to unlock value, the ideal approach towards freight audit, please take a moment to view the following content by ControlPay global Freight Audit & Payment.

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