How important are new digital technologies?

June 5, 2015 Ken Klaver

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The changing industry landscape due to new digital technologies is very much on the radar of Transportation & Logistics CEOs.  They are convinced that this disruptive revolution is adapting their landscape…and  therefore, the focus is strongly on the adoption of the right developments.

The majority of CEOs believe that investments in digital technologies have created value for their business. But the challenge for CEOs, in such a fast-changing environment, is where to place their bets. 

"81% of CEOs see mobile technologies for customer engagement as most strategically important for their organisation – more than any other digital tool."

"Data analytics, meanwhile, has transformed the ability of companies to access, analyse and circulate information about their customers, and use that information to create the type of relationships that their customers want. Indeed, there’s evidence that companies that can most effectively use analytics to inform demand-side decisions about business processes outperform those that can’t. Small wonder, then, that 80% of CEOs cite data mining and analysis as strategically important." (PwC 18th Annual Global CEO Survey) 

The rapid pace of technological change – seen as a challenge by 58% of CEOs – is also highlighting a shortage of key skills that could imperil growth. 

How strategically important are the following categories of digital technologies to Transportation & logistics CEOs?

"Transportation & logistics CEOs remain fairly upbeat about the economic outlook this year: 41% think the global economy will improve",  according to PwC’s 18th Annual Global CEO Survey: A Marketplace Without Boundaries?

That’s a stark contrast to only 17% who expected the economy to improve two years ago, and similar to last year’s results.

It’s not simply economic fundamentals that worry CEOs. Over-regulation is cited by 78% as a concern. And these concerns are not limited to industry-specific regulations but go much broader into areas like trade and employment. Cyber threats have increased markedly and are likely to become even more prominent in the wake of the recent high-profile attacks on entertainment networks.

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