How Industrial Equipment Manufacturers can tailor technology challenges

February 18, 2016 Pieter Kinds

In today's post, we look at the highlights of an interesting ERP report, especially for Industrial Equipment manufacturers, brought to us by The Aberdeen Group.

Industrial Equipment Manufacturers provide highly engineered, complex products to their manufacturing peers. Oftentimes, these products are created in collaboration with customers. Therefore, it is extremely important to be able to communicate and collaborate.

The following 8 pages show the difference between leaders and laggards when looking at the adoption and utilization of enterprise resource planning (ERP).

For Industrial Equipment Manufacturers it is also important to maintain tight control over the way these products are produced. In these types of manufacturers, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software provides a foundation for product delivery at low costs. This report reveals how your organization can tailor its technology environment in order to address the challenges that are most important to industrial equipment manufacturers. 

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Three Best Investments For Manufacturers in 2016


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