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December 14, 2015 Ken Klaver

Social media and social networking are two key trends over the last few years that are reshaping how businesses conduct their affairs, communicate with vendors and customers, and even their organizational structure. However, the logistics industry has largely been slow in adopting these technologies and strategies, despite many studies indicating that transportation / supply chain managers acknowledge the importance of doing so.

In a 2013 study conducted by Adrian Gonzales, 45 percent of the supply chain professionals surveyed said that “social networks will make supply chain processes more efficient, responsive, and cost-effective” over the next five years. Another 30 percent said that “social networks will transform supply chain processes (for the better) in ways we can’t imagine today”. A similar study conducted by Fronetics Strategic Advisors found that of its respondents, 68% reported that their company has realized benefits by participating in social media.

Although the positive attitude toward social networking is there, of the supply chain managers surveyed, 30% of the reported blocking access to social media sites. From the supply chain professionals that responded, 62% said that their companies hadn’t implemented a social networking solution yet, while another 27 percent didn’t know.

The study concludes that the cognitive disconnect between supply chain manager believing in social networking, and the action of moving towards greater adoption has to do with the inability for companies to quantify the business value of using social networking technologies.

At ControlPay, we are trying to stimulate the use of social media in the branche to enhance supply chain, logistics and transportation processes, share insights in efficiency and cost-effective solutions, gauge the atmosphere of certain trends and topics or simply say what's on your mind! That's why we created a new group, especially for Logistics and Supply Chain professionals around the globe.

In this group, we encourage you to share your supply chain & logistics news, insights, information, infographics and videos with other  professionals in the industry.

How to join?

Press the button here below: 

Or,  join our LinkedIn group by searching for groups from the Search field at the top of your homepage. 1: Search for: Global Supply Chain & Logistics insights and 2: use the Join group button.



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ControlPay is the leading Freight Audit Service Provider in Europe, working globally for many well-known multi-nationals. ControlPay saves your organization costs on labour and on average 3% on the actual freight costs. 

We do not limit our services to only audit the invoices from your logistic service providers, but also enhances the business processes around freight costs settling. From contract implementation to cost calculation, issue resolution, invoice reception, registration, audit, automatic cost allocation and automatic posting of the invoice, ControlPay serves the full trail from Transport Order Booking to Final Payment. 

Our online freight audit platform gives you 24/7 insight in your accruals, status of the transport and status of the invoice or payment. We support efficient processes like SelfBilling and take away all the hassle and labour you have around invoice audit. Next to that, we offer value added services like a Transport Order Booking tool, Bidding Tool, Early Payment Services and an (E-)Invoice Creation Tool for suppliers.

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