The 6 coolest office innovations you should know about

July 20, 2016 Ken Klaver

How harmful is sitting down 8 hours a day staring at a computer screen for your health? How come you lack inspiration and creativity? How can I improve staff motivation and dedication? 

Since 2014 we realise that sitting down at a desk all day long is basically as bad as smoking cigarettes, so it makes sense to list all the office innovations of the last years that where all about ditching your seated desks! It is time to shake things up in the office! Take a look at the following 6 innovations and get inspired...

1. Office Pod

Working from home, but lacking the space for a decent office? Take your work outside! TheOffice Pod is an innovative design of a next generation workplace where people will be able to work in a different manner. The organized service can improve the workplace and can be remarkably cost-effective and beneficial for environmental and productivity issues.

With high-quality design, the office based mobile 'office pod' is a spacious and modern work environment far away from any disturbance of the .Ideal for employees that are partly or full time home-based.

Did you know? - Employees Who Work At Home Are More Productive !  A Stanford University economics professor named Nicholas Bloom conducted a study in 2013 that revealed this outcome. If you’re considering to make the switch from working from home, or even going into business for yourself, take a look this Forbes artice to discover the benefitis and pitfalls. 


2.Hamster Wheel Standing Desk

Not reaching your productivity potential? Is your back hurting from hunching at your desk all day? The Hamster Wheel Standing Desk is ideal for office workers who want to stay active while they're working. See you later backaches!  This project is a collaboration at Pier 9 between Artist-in-Residence RobbGodshaw and artist Will Doenlen.

3. Elliptical Desk Trainer

Who says that sitting at a desk for 8 hours a day is bad for you? Slip this dinky elliptical trainer under your desk and by the time you catch the bus home, you’ll have hit your 10,000 steps a day target. Take that, gym.

However, when Friday comes you may need to relax the body and soul for a little while. No problem, kick your feet up, and remember, life is a beach!

4. The Brainstorm table

Brainstorming will never be the same, or boring again. Pen and paper away with you! Get this table and keep the session central and visual for everybody involved! 


5. The office of the feature 

For the second last  innovation of this blog, I have chosen the Microsoft Future Vision Montage 2019 Office Labs video. This video was released in 2012 and shows us how the Microsoft Office team envisioned the future of communication and office force. It might be an 'oldie',  but this video has still plenty of inspirational innovations in store for us. Besides, we not in 2019 yet!

6. More innovation and workplaces. We end our 6 innovations with some help from the Danish! Many of the innovative workplaces are coming  from the creative minds of the Danish, who seem to be extremely happy at work! Let's take 5 to take a look at 10 office innovations of 2014. 

7. EXTRA: Funny Office Videos! For those of you who can't get enough of the office, here are two great office videos of situations we all have witnessed!

A Conference Call in Real Life Office Stress Compilation

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Dutch Minister visits ControlPay from ControlPay on Vimeo. 2016. 

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