The Top 10 e-Commerce Markets

September 13, 2015 Ken Klaver

The global e-Commerce market is continuously expanding and evolving. The availability of Internet in more regions and the development of technologies across the globe are driving the constant emerging markets.

The United States lost its position of most important e-commerce global market to China, with an estimated $562.7 billion in online sales this year. One of the main reasons for China’s eCommerce explosion are the large amount of sales of the world’s largest online retailer, Alibaba.  China is also estimated to double the United States e-commerce sales numbers by 2018.

Surprising is the position of Japan in the table, 46% of the e-commerce revenue came from mobile devices.  

The report from Remarkety was based on an analysis of projected e-commerce sales data for 2015, including transactions on desktop computers and mobile devices.

e-Commerce markets: View the Infographic for more insights of the report 

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