Where TMS Fails to Meet Global Shippers’ Expectations

August 5, 2015 Ken Klaver

This scroll-down report, a collaboration between American Shipper and GT Nexus, developer and operator of the largest cloud supply chain platform, examines if shippers and logistics services providers (LSPs) are getting the expected benefit of Transportation Management Systems across their global transportation networks.

Modern TMS is great at planning, optimizing, and executing road-based transportation in one region, but TM platforms are often leveraged across global modes (ocean and air) and regions.

This report sets out to determine the extent to which the current TMS market is fragmented, leaving shippers with silos of information dependent on enterprise systems to provide an end-to-end supply chain representation. Are global shippers using TMS narrowly instead of as a system to enable their global supply chains? And if so, is this a problem of software being inadequate, or because shippers merely see TMS as a tool to manage freight locally and not a place for multiple enterprises and partners to collaborate using a single source of data?

How to improve data quality of your TMS?

ControlPay has recognized that just implementing a TMS is not going to do the job. Many companies have acknowledged the need to better manage the transportation from a financial, visibility and a process perspective.

Although the software is delivering many functionalities to make this happen the big challenge remains how you will align your organization to make sure you can use the TMS in an optimal way.

Take a look at the infographic below, and the webinar ControlPay presented earlier this year and learn how to maximize value out of your Transportation Management System:

·       How to get the optimal transport rates and service?

·       Steps towards better Transport Management

·       Effective ways to manage a TMS

·       How to avoid typical TMS pitfalls?

·       What efforts are involved in running a TMS?

·       How to efficiently set-up rates / data and to manage them?

·       How to get the most out of your TMS investment?

·       What TMS vendors don’t tell you but what you need to know?

How to maximize value out of your Transportation Management System:

Click the button to view our presentation:                       freight audit. controlpay

freight audit. controlpay

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