Why you need a freight sourcing platform to run your tenders

August 16, 2017 freighttenderinfo

Typically companies like to share their unique requirements with carriers in order to inform the carriers and to receive the service and pricing that eventually suits them. This high level of customization often leads to the creation of complex excel templates that are hard to manage for both the Shipper and the Carrier as the latter receive many of such templates. The tender process as it goes has become a slow and cumbersome process that is prone to delays and brings often frustration and misunderstanding at every step in the process.

With SaaS and cloud-based solutions taking advantage of an ever increasing digitalization of processes it only makes sense to start looking into smart procurement tools that make your sourcing life easier. The obvious reasons for doing so I have listed here.

·     Save time, with automation of excel number crunching you will have a more efficient process

·     Focus on the important parts of a tender such as engaging with carriers, again automation allows you to do that

·     Save money, nowadays there are tools in the market that let you run tenders for a price that always will give you a good Return on Investment

·     Using technology and making use of new tools show carriers that you are serious about the tender process

·     Take control and eliminate the dependency on an excel guru or tender expert in your company, it is just not best practice

·     With a platform, you have access to all of your tender data, the quotations and responses of carriers instead of having to depend on someone’s e-mail

·     Communication with carriers go via the platform and no longer via e-mail

·     SaaS tools have the great advantage that they always develop new features which they make available to all customers. This means you enjoy best practice features and learn from others instead of just leaning only on your own internal knowledge.

·     Let the system run the reports and analytics for you, don’t do these painful manual exercises by yourself anymore.

Logistics people nowadays are convinced that a TMS can relieve them from a heavy workload. As tenders are mostly not a very regular occurrence the use of technology in this area has been neglected but with the easy access and easy set-up providers nowadays offer there is no barrier to try out and start using technology that will make the life in the logistics department again a bit easier.

About the author

Pieter Kinds, 41, is CEO of TenderTool.com and likes to share his views on the logistics industry.

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