Freight audit and payment strategy for global companies

April 1, 2016 Pieter Kinds


2 Pager download - Large multinationals often prefer 1 single solution globally in the search for a freight audit and payment provider. It is a trend you see with ERP/TMS systems as well. But is having one global freight audit provider always the best solution?

That is the burning question we answer in this downloadable 2 pager. Our global business development director Pieter Kinds shares his view on global freight audit and payment strategies, sharing 14 years of FAP experience on just 2 pages.

Kinds: "Having one global freight audit & payment provider do it all is sometimes forcing the FAP provider to be too far from his sweet spot/comfort zone. From years of experience, I know that handling a large amount of different processes can be a burden for some IT systems or the people involved and it may be complex to manage it well on an ongoing basis."

Besides these difficulties, issues like limited resources or just overall project limitations to implement region by region are often a thorn in the side of companies looking to outsource freight audit and payment. "An interesting strategy is to have different regional providers and consolidate their business intelligence data all together in one of the systems that the providers offer or in your own reporting warehouse."

Typically, adding a second freight audit provider to the field is seen as a risk strategy, but this can be easier done than most people think. In this 2 pager, Kinds takes a closer look at the advantages versus the disadvantages of implementing:

- Multiple regional freight audit providers
- One global freight audit provider

Global freight audit and payment

To access the FREE 2 pager: Freight Audit & Payment - Strategies for Global companies, please use the following link:

About the author

Pieter Kinds is an enthusiastic Freight Audit sales professional working hard to develop both ControlPay and the Freight Audit industry. Active for over 14 years at ControlPay, Pieter is eager to share insights, thoughts and experiences via his blogs on ControlPay's hub & LinkedIn.
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