Freight Invoice Auditing and Specific Extra Features

July 22, 2016 Pieter Kinds


ControlPay Freight Invoice Auditing

Information is key for every successful enterprise. In the early stages of freight invoice auditing, it was all about making sure transportation invoice amounts were correct. Today's freight invoice auditing has evolved to a much broader service that provides valuable strategic reporting that enables you to stay ahead of the competition.

The ControlPay freight invoice auditing platform is an utterly logistics-driven and collaborative platform that is completely focused on handling the complexities of international freight invoicing flows. The system is fully web-based and enhances visibility on logistics data and processes to both shippers and its’ carriers.

While most freight audit companies and post audit providers focus on payments and freight invoice data, ControlPay's primarily works with logistics data. As financial data is a mere result of your logistics operations, we step into the process here to standardize the financial implications and prevent exceptions and fix issues before they even occur. Thus the boundaries of your transport contracts are always abided by.

Getting started
Implementations always commence with a kick-off in which all stakeholders are present. Guidelines and milestones are shared and questions are answered, after which we unburden and provide for a solid execution of the meticulous plan agreed upon. The implementation professionals are also responsible for training your staff and carriers. Based on our best practices we turn a complex implementation into a comprehensible process for all stakeholders, while naturally adhering to the timelines agreed upon. After that, your ROI starts running and life becomes simpler.

Benefits of Outsourcing Freight Invoice Auditing

ControlPay highly logistics driven freight invoice auditing services provides our customers with full insight in your domestic and international freight invoice flows while enabling you to achieve logistics cost saving up to 7%. As your global partner, we understand that a ‘one size fits all’ solution doesn't do the job. That is why our team of experienced logistic experts fly all over the world to make sure you get the solution you need. At ControlPay we take great effort in designing the best solutions to truly benefit all your global businesses.

Eliminate overbilling and credit notes

With our highly effective control billing process, shipment order data is collected directly from your TMS or ERP systems and pre-calculated against the contract agreements and business rules set-up in our core system. During the pre-calculation process, we take all costs, including VAT, into account and instruct your carrier exactly the amount to be invoiced. No overbilling, underbilling or credit notes ever more.

The growing value of Freight Invoice Auditing

Are you looking for an outsourced solution for freight invoice auditingfreight invoice auditing? Please take a look at the following content, and discover how to build the business case, the value chain of freight auditing and possible strategies for a global freight audit & payment approach.

The value of Freight AuditingFreight Audit - How to create the Business CaseFreight audit and payment strategy for global companies

Additional ControlPay services connected to our Freight Invoice Auditing Platform

Business Intelligence
Whether you need corporate-wide information or detailed shipping line data with our business intelligence tools you can have it all. No need anymore take corporate decisions based on best guess information, with business intelligence you will get all your strategic logistics and financial data available instantly and secure.

Full visibility across multiple dimensions
Our Business Intelligence simplified and interactive approach empowers your business to access, discover and blend all types of transport and financial data. With a spectrum of increasingly advanced analytics, from basic reports to predictive modeling, you can analyze and visualize data across multiple dimensions, all while minimizing dependence on other information sources.

Ease of use
Within a single platform, our Logistics Visibility solution provides visual tools to extract and prepare your data plus the visualizations and analytics that will change the way you run your business. With ControlPay's 100% audited and approved freight data input, business intelligence allows you to turn big data into big insights.

Corporate-wide information on demand
Whether you need corporate-wide information or detailed shipping line data with our business intelligence tools you can have it all. No need anymore to take corporate decisions based on best guess information, with business intelligence you will get all your strategic data available, instantly and secure. And because business intelligence is directly linked to our centralized freight audit database you are guaranteed that all your business hubs have access to exactly the same set of 100% correct and audited data.

The philosophy behind the ControlPay processes is that everything in the system should be tracked and be traceable. We track performance of order and freight invoice data quality, the levels of automated precalculations, the number of issues,…Of course there is a lot of reporting available as well in formats like csv, excel and or pdf. Volume reports, accruals but also extensive reporting via our business intelligence platform like lane reports, average weight per shipment per country, average cost per carrier per lane. These reports come in dashboards with graphs, drill-downs, analyzer reports that can be created by the user. On request, specific reports can be added or created.

Spot Shipment Management

• Providing a central platform for the tendering of contracts within the logistics industry, fully integrated with our suite of core products and services
• Offering a reliable calculation tool taking into account different comparison elements; transport constraints and special shipping conditions
• Ensuring a transparent tender management process throughout each phase of the process
• Enabling easy comparison of quotations and shortlisting guaranteeing a fair, yet fast and straightforward bid award process

To learn more about our Spot Shipment Solution, please take a moment to view our SlideShare presentation

ControlPay Spot Shipment Solution

Freight Tender Management in the cloud

TenderTool.freight sourcing
Creating solid and accurate tenders is a complex task wherein several disciplines meet. Financial analysis shows valuable historic data enabling the AP staff to pinpoint current issues; Logistics Departments predict future developments whilst providing your Supply Chain Staff the necessary knowledge on how to further optimize each process and make maximum use of all resources available. And with so many different departments involved you need to be certain that the outcome is spot one. Yet all of these tasks rely on, first and foremost, availability of rock solid data.
How to create a freight tender in just a matter of clicks

Invoice Issue Resolution

We register and monitor all the issues created on our system either by our staff, the carrier or the customer. These issues are connected to shipments and eventually to freight invoices. There are extensive KPI’s and reporting around issue resolution. This workflow centrally manages all the issues in data, overbilling and questions and clarifications that may exist. It will replace e-mailing.

Unforeseen costs are complex to handle and administrate. Often these costs make it impossible to determine whether the invoice lying on your desk is in line with agreements made. To easiest way to resolve this is to simply approve the extra costs and pay your carrier. But it needs no saying that this is not how we envision it.

Extra Cost Management

The extra cost tool is an online application integrated with our online audit platform where carriers can register additional costs via a unique reference number. These costs will be reviewed by the appropriate person on the customer side and if correct will be added to the original shipment. This tool gives a great insight into the extra transportation costs and saves our customers and their carriers time in its handling.

Web order Tool

Booking a transport by phone and email is still a very common practice, but can be prone to errors. Details are provided, a price is given and if all goes well the shipment gets delivered in time. But what if things go wrong, then where is your shipment booking evidence? With our web-order tool you always have your shipment data at hand.The web order is a shipment booking tool via the web. Based on easy to use templates a shipment can be booked and sent real-time to the carrier. Information like account coding can be added as well. The information can be used right away on our Freight Audit Platform as accrual and the information of the web order is automatically added to the weekly billing instruction. The web order makes the ad hoc-shipment process more visible and more efficient.

Learn more about how ControlPay can help you to be a step ahead and provide fully account coded daily accruals. Visit our Freight Audit Technology page!

 financial consolidation of shipments

Automated costs Allocation
From a pure logistics point of view, having transports shipped as planned is the no.1 priority. However, we all know that logistics is much broader than that. Costs must be negotiated, administrated and whenever possible reduced. To make the right choices you need real-time financial information. Correct and timely delivery remain of equal importance, but knowing the exact costs and who to bill are a must for any finance department. The cost allocation is based on the rules that are provided to us by the customer and programmed into our system together with the rules around VAT. We are able to split costs based on GL-codes and to deliver it automatically back via an interface to the ERP-system.

Overall oversight of our services

ControlPay - Global Freight Audit Solutions

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