Automotive Logistics Europe 2015: State of the Industry now and 2025

March 11, 2015
Bonn, 11 March 2015: Automotive Logistics Europe 2015, Session 1 The European market represents more than 17% of global sales and is expected to grow by +5% in 2015. 2014 has seen positive growth in the Automotive industry; European vehicle production is growing with new cars sales on the rise. Growing complexity is driving the need for more efficient asset utilisation as supply chain strategies evolve with more localisation, globalisation, platform standardisation along with changes in networks and the need for greater operational efficiency. Re-engineering and optimisation of the supply chain and logistics, with a global mindset is essential to the longer term growth strategies. The traditional opening session will look at the current trends and regulations facing the automotive logistics industry, as well as taking a more futuristic approach by speculating as to how our industry might look in 10 years time. . Moderator – Louis Yiakoumi – Publisher – Automotive Logistics Christoph Stuermer - Global Lead Analyst – PwC Autofacts Thomas Cullen – Chief Analyst – Transport Intelligence View the full conference page and more videos here:
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Boeing patents submersible drone

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