Boeing patents submersible drone

April 26, 2015
Please watch: "Disney's Drone Technology | Episode 1 | PatentYogi Research" -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- SUBSCRIBE: FOLLOW PATENTYOGI: Twitter: Facebook: Pinterest: Boeing patents a submersible drone! Let’s talk about that. From aerial surveillance to armed attacks, drones are creating a sweeping impact. And with this innovation from Boeing, drones are all set to literally enter uncharted waters. That’s right; a drone that can fly and also take a nosedive into water. Air-crafts and underwater-crafts are different kinds of creatures. One is efficient at flying, the other at swimming. But Boeing’s submersible drone aims to be efficient at both! The drone described in the patent achieves this by physically transforming from an air-craft to an underwater-craft. First a carrier aircraft takes the drone near to the target location. The drone is equipped with wings, stabilizer and a set of propelling blades to enable it to fly efficiently. However, these parts do not aid when driven underwater. On the contrary, they are dead-weight and increase drag underwater. So, upon entering water, these parts are automatically separated from the drone. This is akin to the separation of a rocket booster that has been spent and is no longer required for the rest of the journey. The separation is achieved by triggering explosive bolts that keep these parts attached to the drone. Another technique is to use water soluble glue to hold these parts together so that upon contact with water, the glue dissolves and separates the wings, the stabilizer and the propelling blades from the body of the drone. Once underwater, the drone is driven with another set of propelling blades to carry out reconnaissance or payload delivery. Since the parts used while in flight are separated, the drone is much lighter and can efficiently travel greater distances. After completion of the required operation, the drone is elevated to the surface of the water by controlling water level in the buoyancy tank. From here, the drone may communicate the collected data back to a command station. While sky is the limit for regular drones, for these submersible drones the ocean floor is the limit! Patent Information US 9,010,678 Rapid deployment air and water vehicle Inventors: Hiller; Nathan (Irvine, CA) Applicant: The Boeing Company Appl. No.: 13/786,299 Filed : March 5, 2013 Abstract A vehicle which is adaptable for both flight and water travel includes: a body; a wing, a stabilizer, or a first propelling member; and at least one attachment member. The body is configured to fly through air and to move through water. The at least one attachment member attaches the wing, the stabilizer, or the first propelling member to the body while the body is in flight. The at least one attachment member detaches at least a portion of the wing, at least a portion of the stabilizer, or at least a portion of the first propelling member from the body when the body is in the water. Media sources -
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