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March 22, 2018

10 Amazing Future Trucks You Must See In this video , i will show 10 amazing future trucks that are the future of the Trucking and Public Transport industry. It's the best truck compilation . Here is the list of trucks 10 - Samsung Safety Truck : Samsung Safety Truck leverages two built-in front cameras and a specially-designed Ingematica transportation software platform to capture and transmit a picture of the road ahead, enabling trailing vehicles to evaluate more accurately passing potential and make more informed driving decisions. Each picture is made available to nearby drivers through a high-quality display composed of four Samsung OH46D video walls. Designed to be dustproof and waterproof, the OHD Series video walls are IP56 certified for superior performance against even the most challenging environmental conditions, ensuring a clear picture regardless of the road or weather. 9 -Mercedes Future Truck : This concept vehicle has ushered in a new era for the transport industry: it has gone into the history books as the world's first autonomously driving truck. Yet its futuristic concept is closer to reality than you think. 8-Nikola One : Startup Nikola Motor Company, which unveiled its hydrogen-electric truck in December, plans to change that. Nikola plans to build over 300 hydrogen stations so that its trucks can travel across the country. Nikola plans to build over 300 hydrogen stations so that its trucks can travel across the country.Nikola Motor Company said the truck will have a refueling time of just 15 minutes, edging out plug-in EVs that take at least an hour to charge when using a fast-charging network. With a typical outlet, a plug-in EV can take many hours to recharge.The trucks will officially come to market in 2020 7- Tesla Semi : The Tesla Semi is an all-electric battery-powered Class 8 semi-trailer truck prototype which was unveiled on November 16, 2017 and planned for production in 2019 by Tesla, Inc. The company initially announced that the truck would have a 500 miles (805 km) range on a full charge and with its new batteries it would be able to run for 400 miles (640 km) after an 80% charge in 30 minutes using a solar-powered "Tesla Megacharger" charging station. Tesla CEO Elon Musk said that the Semi would come standard with Tesla Autopilot that allows semi-autonomous driving on highways. 6- Freightliner Super Truck Meet the most freight-efficient concept truck on the planet. Loading. Freightliner SuperTruck freight efficiency improvement, surpassing the SuperTruck Challenge's 50% freight-efficiency goal. 5- Audi Truck Concept : This Truck Is Just Epic 4-Volvo SuperTruck Concept : Volvo's SuperTruck concept was designed and built using a complete vehicle approach, optimizing the tractor, trailer, and powertrain to work together as one highly efficient system.Volvo started its SuperTruck concept project in 2011, with testing beginning in 2015 ahead of an official unveiling last year. Prompted by a US Department of Energy challenge, the goal of the project is to find ways to improve freight efficiency by 50 percent, mostly by improving aerodynamics and reducing weight. Under the same DOE challenge, Freightliner has also been working on its own SuperTruck. By adding the hybrid powertrain system, energy can be recovered when the truck is braking or driving downhill, which then allows the vehicle to go all-electric on level or low gradient roads for up to 6.2 miles (10 km). Combined with previous improvements to the body of the vehicle, both the fuel consumption and CO2 are reduced by about 30 percent. 3- E Fuso Vision One : Daimler must have wanted to upstage Tesla in the electric truck games, and took advantage of a world stage to do so.n its most capable configuration, the E-Fuso can be equipped with a battery pack for up to 300 kWh of capacity to achieve that range. 2- Iveco Z Truck : VECO Z TRUCK delivers: Zero CO2 emissions through optimized Liquefied Natural Gas technology and the use of Bio-methane. The concept is based on a heavy truck running on Bio-LNG with conformable tanks, enhanced aerodynamics and a waste heat recovery system, to deliver long-haul transport with autonomy of 2,200 km and virtually zero CO2 emissions. Zero accidents through the advanced use of automated driving technologies. It defines how new technologies and autonomous driving will change the role of the driver, who will become an on-board logistics operator. Zero stress and Zero waste of time with the driver-centred design. 1 Wal- Mart Truck Concept : The Truck of the future . The truck will have automatic pilot mode . This is the truck of 2030 and beyond . Please like and subscribe ! Thanks for watching !

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