3 bold statements that will change your freight procurement approach

July 18, 2017 Ken Klaver

This blog is addressed to all professionals involved with logistics tendering and procurement. Whether you are a pricing analyst, global procurement manager or data analyst, this is important! Carriers, shippers, and forwarders…the time is come to join the Tender Revolution! 


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At TenderTool we are very passionate about implementing changes in the logistics procurement environment. We aim to speed up processes, automate manual handlings and contribute to the strategic relationship between shippers and suppliers. but most importantly, we make freight tenders easy, comprehensive and affordable for all parties involved. With over 15 years experience in the shipping industry (ControlPay & TenderTool), I know that changes require management, time and patience. But it is my passion and duty to share my thoughts and ideas to all logistics professionals active. therefore this blog, including three bold statements i’ve shared recently with m y followers on Linkedin. Enjoy and please let me know what YOU think!

freight e-procurement1. Freight Tender data

Time to address a real problem: carriers are swamped by faulty tenders and RFP’s, that lack data, clear instructions and normal rate structures. It is time to properly streamline the tendering process so that carriers can actually work on a serious quotation instead of using all of their time to decipher tender documentation.

2. Tender commodity

Running more and smaller but dedicated tenders for regions or countries can often be much more effective than organizing MONSTER freight tenders that eventually no carrier likes and which is very time-consuming. Get the right technology that enables you to run smart tenders


3. Freight e-procurement tools: Why it is time to use them!

You need to start using a professional freight sourcing platform to run your tenders and here is why. Save time, with automation of excel number crunching you will have a more efficient process · Focus on the important parts of a tender such as engaging with carriers, again automation allows you to do that

  1. Save money, nowadays there are tools in the market that let you run tenders for a price that always will give you a good Return on Investment
  2. Using technology and making use of new tools show carriers that you are serious about the tender process
  3. Take control and eliminate the dependency on an excel guru or tender expert in your company, it is just not best practice
  4. With a platform, you have access to all of your tender data, the quotations and responses of carriers instead of having to depend on someone’s e-mail
  5. Communication with carriers go via the platform and no longer via e-mail
  6. SaaS tools have the great advantage that they always develop new features which they make available to all customers. This means you enjoy best practice features and learn from others instead of just leaning only on your own internal knowledge.

About TenderTool – E-sourcing for Logistics

With our cloud-based E-sourcing software, we facilitate easy freight tendering for small, medium and large companies. Running only 1 tender per year or more than 50? We have a pay per tender model in place and a license model, which is applicable starting from 5 tenders per year. Learn more? Visit our pricing page! At TenderTool we are convinced that freight tendering should be affordable, easy and efficient. There are companies out there that are charging €30,000 to run a tender which is a scandal. TenderTool has pricing that is many times lower and has no hidden consultancy fees. Please contact us via the button below to request more information about our Logistics Sourcing Solution.


More about logistics purchasing? 


Visit our brand-new website, freighttenderinfo.com. This website is independently dedicated to logistics tendering and sourcing. Together with guest bloggers, we try to publish as much material to enhance tender processes, improve insights in industry trends, and very important, try to provide insight in the needs of all parties involved with freight tenders. Visit this webiste and become a member for free! Use the ‘submit content’ page to get actively involved and share your thoughts and knowledge!

freight e-procurement

Pieter Kinds

Pieter Kinds (41) is CEO of TenderTool, a cloud-based logistics sourcing platform.

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