Top 25 Logistics influencers / thought leaders on Twitter

January 17, 2017 Ken Klaver

Logistics professionals are increasingly taking the digital road in the search for software solutions and business enhancements. Let’s take a look at 25 Twitter profiles worth following!


The internet is, of course, the source, the center to track all trends and developments that are going on in Logistics, Supply Chains, and other involved and related movements in the world. The challenges regarding trends, recently quoted spot on by journalist Steve Banker – The problem with trends is that they are like a freight train gaining speed; everyone can see the train, but at what point do you say the train is really moving at speed? – can be ‘monitored using the internet. And especially by using Twitter, undeniably the fastest social media platform out there today. Twitter is relevant because it is global, quick and punctual (thanks to the maximum of 140 characters)! Long story short, Twitter is very up to date and following the right profiles, people and companies can enhance your business making decisions, reduce logistics costs or find resourceful (software) solutions.


3 Trends reshaping the Supply Chain


  1.  The IOT (The Internet of Things). As a result of the IoT, digital solutions in the SC and logistics industry have moved on apace. Learn more about the IoT in the Supply Chain.
  2. E-commerce Reshapes the Face of Logistics. 
  3. Automation Reduces the Number of Employees Working in Logistics

Now, enough chat. Let’s take a look at the 25 most influential Twitter profiles online today.

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Top 25 Logistics though leaders (Listed in no particular order)


1. Dean Foust

Director, Executive Communications, UPS. Former BusinessWeek writer, editor. Since January 2013, Foust has taken the postition of Director of Executive Communications for UPS, where he launched an initiative to use content marketing to burnish UPS’s image as a thought leader.
Tweets by deanfoust



2. Martijn Graat
Martijn Graat is the founder of LogisticsMatter, an online supply chain and logistics news platform. On that platform, he blogs about supply chain and logistics trends and developments. Via his social platforms, he shares the most interesting reads, infographics and video’s. His Twitter is very active and for the lovers of infographics…don’t forget to visit his great Pinterest page!
Tweets by LogisticsMatter



3. Paul Page
Covering logistics and supply chain for The Wall Street Journal. Delivering up-to-the minute news, analysis, interviews and explanatory journalism on logistics, supply-chain management, e-commerce and more via his Twitter account.
Tweets by PaulPage



4. Sabine Mueller


CEO DHL Consulting. Joined the Twitter platform in 2015, and is a must follow! Mueller tweets about logistics, omnichannel, ecommerce and has a very shap eye for tech developments and upcoming trend in the SC industry.
Tweets by MuellerSabine13



5. Steve Banker

Service Director, SCM at ARC Advisory Group; Cowriter Logistics Viewpoints. One of the best known industry analysts covering Supply Chain Management and a frequent speaker at industry events. Uses his Twitter account to tweet in-depth interviews and logistics related stories.
Tweets by steve_scm



6. Adrian Gonzalez
Industry Analyst & Host of Talking Logistics, an online video talk show where I interview Thought Leaders & Newsmakers in the Supply Chain & Logistics Industry.
Tweets by talkinlogistics



7. Cerasis
Third Party logistics company (3PL) empowering shippers via a transportation management system (TMS) & integrated managed transportation services.
Tweets by Cerasis



8. Anthony Foxx
The official Twitter feed of the U.S. Secretary of Transportation. Needless to say, this is the place to get verified news on US Transportation news. Can’t get much closer to the source!
Tweets by SecretaryFoxx



9. Joe Bonney
senior editor, The Journal of Commerce.
Tweets by JosephBonney



10. Inbound Logistics
Inbound Logistics is an educational supply chain resource for businesses seeking to better match demand to supply and orient operations to support that shift. Very active online, and on social media, Inbound Logistics should be up there in your list!
Tweets by ILMagazine



11. American Shipper
American Shipper is the B2B media covering global logistics.
Tweets by AmericanShipper



12.Sean Kilcarr
Don’t be fooled by the name, Sean Kilcarr, executive editor at, blogs about the latest trucking industry news and trends.
Tweets by trucksatwork



13. Mark Szakonyi
Executive Editor, , part of IHS Markit. Containers rule everything around me. Well, ocean freight procurement manager, keep a sharp eye on this profile.
Tweets by Szakonyi_JOC



14. Pieter Kinds
Business Development @ControlPay Freight Audit, and CEO of  TenderTool Logistics E-Sourcing. Thought leader when looking at global freight auditing and payment solutions and freight tendering in the cloud.
Tweets by Freightpayment



15. Hailey Lynne McKeefry / EBN


Editor in Chief, EBN; global electronics supply chain, procurement editor/writer. Don’t forget to check out EBN online and on Twitter. Great community for logistics and SC professionals.
Tweets by HaileyMcK



16. Supply Chain Digital
Supply Chain Digital provides news and features for #supplychain and #procurement professionals.
Tweets by SupplyChainD



The must subscribe to information portal for international container shipping & logistics
Tweets by JOC_Updates



18. Transport Topics
The Newspaper of Trucking and Freight Transportation.
Tweets by TransportTopics



19. SupplyChain24/7
Supply Chain 24/7 is the ultimate online business resource for Transportation, Dis­trib­u­tion, Logistics and Supply Chain professionals.
Tweets by SupplyChain247



20. Handy Shipping Guide


Frequent updates on international freight shipping news, with the latest news just a click away. It serves as an information-only account though, so you should not expect a reply.
Tweets by HandyShipping




The largest logistics website and twitter profile for Dutch Logistics professionals. Besides news, brings you the latest blogs from relevant pro’s in the industry.
Tweets by Logistiek_nl



22. Logistik Heute

This Twitter profile is a great place for German speaking Logistics profs that are looking for updates in German. The Twitter profile is related to the magazine, that carrier the same name!



23. Logistics Manager


Another magazine-related Twitter account in our list, this time the place to be for UK-based logisticians.
Tweets by LogisticsManagr



24. Comunidad Logística


The Hispanic centre for job vacancies in Logistics, news, blogs, events and much more. Also a great place for students and starting professionals!
Tweets by comlogistica



25. Richard Wilding

Supply Chain & Logistics Expert and Professor at Cranfield, U.K. Tweets about the latest in the industry. Shares interesting topics on his readings and SC terminology (students pay attention!)
Tweets by SupplyChainProf

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Did we miss anyone? Do you know a great addition to this amazing list of thought leaders? Add them by replying to this blog. Please state name and link to Twitter profile, please. Many thanks and enjoy reading our blogs.


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