Why the lack of common rate card structure causes confusion and frustration

June 19, 2017 Ken Klaver

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There is no reason why freight tendering should be difficult or complex. Often it is made complex as there is no alignment between the Tender Manager and the Carrier staff involved. They have different goals and those goals should be more aligned.

It is time for shippers to show more understanding for the workload they are bringing to carriers in tender processes. Tenders often include poor data, homegrown and macroed excel files, trivial rules or lack of clear requirements. Next to that, they are done in generic procurement tools or not by tools at all. There are easy improvements to be made and Carriers can actually play an important part in driving these changes with Shippers.


Cloud-based procurement: Generic Tender Rate Cards


Are you a logistics tender professional and involved in managing and responding? Stop putting off your freight tender and stop making freight tendering complex. Just make life easy for yourself and use a platform to do the work for you and manage it by just a couple of clicks. How? try out TenderTool. Nobody makes logistics procurement more simple than we do. Take for instance one of the troublemakers…the rate card.

Because there is no common rate card structure in the market, confusion, mistakes and a lot of frustration are created. In our system, we have developed standard rate cards for Road, Air and Ocean that can be used globally and we would be happy to share them with you for free. Just drop us a note info@tendertool.com

TenderTool E-sourcing tip of the week: This is a suggestion to Shippers creating bid sheets for logistics tender purposes: Don’t put lane info in columns, put them in rows. Also stick to regular naming conventions and don’t use internal names or abbreviations in your bid sheets, make life easier for carriers and make filling in your bid sheets more simple. Better and faster quotation by carriers will be the result. Go best practice and generic.


About TenderTool – Cloud-based procurement

TenderTool Freight E-Sourcing is a Dutch start-up company with strong background in logistics, freight audit and rate management. Started in 2015, we are very eager to improve the way shippers, 3PL’s, carrier and freight forwarders handle their freight tender. With our cloud-based tender solution, we enhance the RFI and RFQ process for all parties involved. Moreover, we reduce the time spent on tenders with up to 60%. Meet TenderTool, 3G cloud-based, Amazon hosted and very user-friendly for ALL transportation tenders. Go smart and go TenderTool!


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