How Machine Learning Can Teach Us To Build More Effective Teams

October 4, 2018 apalazzoups

Here are three team-building lessons that can help any manager.

Former Marine Corps Lt. Drew Humphreys knows a thing or two about leadership. Before joining the business world, as a platoon commander in Afghanistan, he was in charge of 37 Marines who fought the Taliban and maintained a vital supply route through Helmand Province.

He had to reconsider everything he knew about leadership when he was forced to divide his platoon and give more control to other commanders.

This helped Humphreys recognize the connection between the decentralized management model and how we manage machine learning in business. His leadership strategy, outlined below, offers three team-building lessons that can help any manager.

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Drew Humphreys spent eight years in the military and was deployed twice to Afghanistan, first as a manager for his unit’s Combat Operations Center and then as a Transportation Platoon Commander. Drew and his platoon of 37 Marines ran tactical convoys that spanned the breadth of southern Afghanistan, transporting troops, equipment and munitions in support of the counterinsurgency effort. He works in marketing at UPS.

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